Sylvia Brindis


Born in Guatemala, and raised in Los Angeles, I have been a natural storyteller and performer since I can remember. I continue to passionately pursue my life's calling as an actor and as a creator of my own original content in today's massively expanding world of entertainment.

My love of performing was born of humble beginnings at my grandmother's house, where I was encouraged to entertain the family with impromptu dance numbers, passionate off-the-cuff songs about nothing, and silly impersonations of family members and celebrities. When I wasn't performing my nightly variety show, I would retreat to my room and create wildly imaginative worlds where crayons were alive and kitchen utensils lived in their own planet. I continued dancing and performing throughout my teenage years, until I momentarily switched gears to be behind the camera while attending film school at USC, where I discovered a skill for producing that I never knew I had.

In front of the camera I have acted in TV shows like Agents of SHIELD, The Mentalist, and East Los High, as well as various films and countless national commercials. I have studied with respected teachers Diana Castle, Annie Grindlay and Stephanie Feury, and I currently train and perform sketch and improv at UCB.

Most recently I can be seen starring in The #Hashtagged Show, an innovative digital sketch comedy series that I co-created, wrote and produced. Being involved in every aspect of the show from conception to execution was an incredibly gratifying experience where I was able to reach personal milestones like directing, and achieve huge wins for the show like casting Dave Bautista to star in several sketches.

Creating my own content has proven to be a calling as strong as acting. I am currently producing an unscripted series that I created about another one of my other big passions- dogs. I am also in the early stages of pre-production on a digital comedy series, as well as writing/developing two comedy pilots, one which is set to be ready to pitch this Summer.

I am currently based in New York City and Los Angeles, where I devote myself to doing good work, being a kind human, and keeping life fun.

Photograph of Sylvia Brindis with her dog