Sylvia Brindis


Photograph of Sylvia Brindis.

Starting by using my USC film school background to help friends successfully turn their short film ideas into reality, then carefully venturing into bigger projects of my own, my passion and knack for producing has grown exponentially in the past couple of years. From digital series to unscripted television to scripted pilots, I have exciting ideas and collaborations in the works ready to be showcased.

The #Hashtagged Show through the art of sketch comedy, takes on Social Media culture one #Hashtag and one sketch at a time... in under 60 seconds.

MuttMatch is an inspiring, unscripted show for the entire family where people are matched with their most perfect canine counterpart by going on three doggie dates with three adorable rescue dogs, carefully chosen by our charismatic matchmaker/host.

For upcoming projects, please contact me.